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Non-periodical online magazine about modern web development based on Content Management Systems (CMS). The main target audience is integrators and web developers with medium or higher skills, but it could be useful also for newbies.

Who we are?

Mission and Goals

The main mission of CMScafe is to get readers familiar with the world of different CMS, providing information about development and also to give the possibility for comparative analysis of technologies. The documentation on Russian, practical solutions and latest news from the world of different CMS and other useful information that allow to be aware of the latest events. Our readers may not limit themselves with a single CMS and open new horizons.

On the pages of CMScafe you can find the following CMS:

  • Joomla!
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Grav
  • Pagekit
  • Ghost
  • October
  • and others.

Besides that we are writing about front-end development, making interviews with communities’ representatives and publishing reports from the events.

Project History

The beginning of CMScafe has started when and websites were merged into conceptually single project. 12th of November 2015 is considered as Birthday of CMScafe. was established in Autumn 2011 by Eugene Sivokon and Stepan Tyurin. Later Dmitry Rekun and Artem Valchuk has joined the team. During 4 years has grown from the small authors' blog to the one of the biggest Joomla! resources in Russian speaking community, that has included articles' translations from foreign sources, authors' articles about development and has become the base for Joomla programming studies. Besides that the project was informing about releases and important changes in Joomla! development strategy. - the project by Dmitry Rekun that was dedicated to Pagekit CMS. It was established in April 2014. The blog has included announcements, actual information about Pagekit and docs for developers.

In November 2015 and projects has completed the cycle of existence and gave the start for CMScafe.

We are open for discussions. If you have ideas about project improvoement - write us!


If you are representing a template provider and interested in publishing in templates directory - contact us for details using the form on this page.


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Welcome to the world of web development based on content management systems!